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Membership Typed and Fees

Membership Types and  Fees

Single ($160)

Any person 19 years and older
Price after May 10, 2019 will be  $180

Bootstrap 4 has been noted as one of the most reliable and proven frameworks and Mobirise has been equipped to develop websites using this framework.


A person under the age of 19 years or a full-time student with proper ID (student card) at the time of registration.
Price after May 10, 2019 will be  $105

One of Bootstrap 4's big points is responsiveness and Mobirise makes effective use of this by generating highly responsive website for you.

2 Member Combo ($230)

1 adult and 1 student in same family OR
2 adults in the same family
Price after May 10, 2019 will be  $250

Google has a highly exhaustive list of fonts compiled into its web font platform and Mobirise makes it easy for you to use them on your website easily and freely.

Family ($270)

The persons in one household consisting of parents/guardians and children under 21 years of age
Price after May 10, 2019 will be  $300

Mobirise gives you the freedom to develop as many websites as you like given the fact that it is a desktop app.

Clubhouse access cards are available for purchase at $10.00 each. 

Membership Application

Note: Your membership type is automatically determined from the number of individuals in your household, their age and their status. 

V.P.T.C. Rules & Policies



The courts are meant for playing tennis. NO other activity is permitted. This includes, but is not limited to:


Roller Blading

Walking the Dog

Any other sports

The court gates must be kept locked except for the time when they will be open to the public.

Public times are posted at the tennis club.

Please ensure that you close and lock the courts when you leave.

Even during these times, members have priority.

With our increasing membership there have been times when all the courts are busy.

Our regularly scheduled programs take priority, however, we do have rules for non-programmed time.

When courts are full, players must vacate the courts promptly, on the hour or half hour without being asked to do so, provided they have played 30 minutes.

If a court becomes free before the regular time, players are entitled to use this time as a bonus.

Players must have been waiting 30 minutes before asking others to vacate.


You must wear your membership shoe-tag at all times when using the courts.

Members have priority for court use.

Non-members may be asked to vacate the courts if it gets busy.


The code will be provided when you receive your shoe tag


Press the numbers one at a time

Turn the handle

Pull the gate open and enter

Close the gate behind you


Turn the handle

Push the gate open and exit

Close the gate behind you


All registered members will know the gate combination and wear their shoe tags