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VICTORIA PARK TENNIS CLUB Guidelines & Recommendations for Players

Tennis Play At VPTC

The following guidelines and recommendations in conjunction with industry guidelines (Tips & Recommendations by Tennis Canada) will allow for safe play. Encourage physical distancing. All activity must always comply with the current physical distancing and disinfection measures issued by federal, provincial, and municipal government authorities.

Arranging Your Game

• Ask yourself and your group these questions and do not play if you or your playing partner:

        o Have any coronavirus symptoms such as fever, cough, difficulty breathing or any other symptoms that may prove to be a health risk.

        o Have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

• Make sure that all players in your group bring their own set of tennis balls to be used when serving. The balls should be new to start the season but can be used each time you play. The owner of the balls should initial their balls with a marker. The server will be the only one to touch the balls with their hands. 

Arriving at VPTC

• The clubhouse will be locked.

• Please come dressed to play. The change rooms are not to be used for changing.

• Men’s and Women’s washrooms are available but restricted to one person at a time. Please disinfect after use. 

Reserving a Court

• We feel it is safest to have players on the court or outside the gates.

• If you see there is an open court, enter through the gate closest to Wentworth Ave.

• Courts will be booked using the current reservation system. Court time is 45mins.

• One person from your group should use the reservation board and then wash or sanitize their hands.

• Once the court is reserved, go directly to your court using the usual etiquette.

• If the courts are all in use when you arrive, one person from your group enters to reserves a court.

• They should reserve the court that has been on the longest and let the people on that court know you have reserved that court. Wash or sanitize your hands.

Exit using the gate closest to court #3 and wait until the reservation time is up and players have left the court.

• We must keep the area inside the gates open for others to reserve a court. 

Preparing to Play – Protect Yourself

• Wash your hands. Bring hand sanitizer. Do not share equipment.

• Players should bring their own water and will not be allowed into the clubhouse for water unless there is a safety issue.

• Players entering the courts disinfect the net post trays prior to play.

• Avoid touching handles, gates, benches and all other objects. If you touch something, wash or sanitize your hands.

• Make sure the chairs are 2 meters apart. If you intend on using them, disinfect them first.

• All personal property should be placed at least 2m apart.

While Playing

• Maximum of 4 players and 1 coach per court.

• If playing Doubles, warm up with two sets of balls. A suggestion is to use the balls of the 1st server and 2nd server. They will be the only ones to pick the balls up with their hands to start the rally. The other players pick the balls up with their racquet or roll them to the owner of the balls.

• Once play starts, the server’s balls will be the only ones in play.

• Always respect the 2m (6.5ft) distancing guideline and avoid all physical contact with the other players, their equipment, net equipment and the fence.

• Players are encouraged to remain on the same side of the court or when changing ends, use both sides and ensure physical distance.

• Be aware of the time and if someone has reserved your court and is waiting. If someone has not reserved your court, you may play longer.

• Leave the court immediately after play is finished and if possible, a few minutes early to allow the next group time to get on.

After Playing

• Spray the net posts and net band with disinfectant before leaving.

• Players to remove all personal property and garbage before leaving the court.

• Do not use locker rooms or changing areas of the clubhouse.

• No handshaking.

• Exit club immediately through the gate closest to the court #3.